Cherries Over Quicksand      by Rhonda Ricardo



By Rhonda Ricardo

Many couples can remember the breathtaking moment they fell in love, when time seemed to stand still. Whatever the surroundings, everything was perfect; a perfect moon, breeze, meal, wine, coffee, sunset, song, porch swing, movie, ice cream or rain storm could be part of the loving look in their eyes. 

The fact that the porch swing squeaked, the ice cream cone leaked or the rain soaked them only added to the magic of the moment when their hearts took off...out of their chests, seemed to fly around their heads then rocket around the moon before returning to the new couple... all while they remained nestled together in loving bliss.  

Then as couplehood progresses if things do not proceed as expected, the squeaky swing, sticky ice cream cone and wet clothes in the rain take a turn toward annoying.  Then comes the moment when time seems to stand still again, but this time their hearts are not soaring through the clouds, their hearts are sinking in quicksand and their feet feel like they are following...  You have decided to reach out... That it's time to grab a strong cherry branch and get back on that squeaky swing!  But how do you get your relunctant man or woman to want to join you?  


After working in the world of Family Law where people asked me questions like, "Why is he doing this?" or "Why is she leaving me?" after they received nothing better than the, "It's not you, it's me," kinds of responses from the ones who were once the other side of their hearts, I decided to use my interviewing skills to find hidden romance secrets.  

Now, I would like to welcome everyone to my travels across the United States, and my conversations with men and women who understand the pain of heartbreak and the joy of love as they volunteer to join the ranks of relationship heroes in Cherries Over Quicksand.  They reveal their stories for others to learn from and sometimes get a little giggle at their own insights, as these heroes hearts have had time to mend (and their names and some details are changed).  

You will notice, just like people you may know in the middle of a break-up, as the men's and women's stories progress it is clear many realized that once simple-romance was swept under the rug, it can feel like romantic feelings are almost completely lost but...they never expected to hear the words, "It's too late!"

"That just does not seem fair," one person said, after their other-half rode off into the sunset.  Then later admitted they could not remember the last time they listened to their partner without wishing they were somewhere else!  No one is perfect, some just need a tap on the shoulder or just a really cool short story to perk them up.   

I enjoyed listening to the many Cherries Over Quicksand relationship heroes' recounts.  Their stories flow like hot glaze over fresh donuts... and they happily added nuts and their own brands of sparkling laughter... with their delicously witty insights into hope and love. 

Cherries Over Quicksand is filled with stories couples can share with each other and for singles ready to find love. The stories reveal how simple-romance from the beginning and throughout the years is extremely important when deciding to build a strong and loving family...and how romance is fun.  Why else would men and women continuously search for the one who will fill their heart... not just a little... but completely?! -Rhonda Ricardo


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