Cherries Over Quicksand      by Rhonda Ricardo

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"I believe that love can be fascinating and wonderful, while dating and all through marriage.  And I believe outrageously committed love builds solid families and strong communities... and that we can all create a life filled with untamable love and passion." -Rhonda Ricardo

Rhonda Lucille Ricardo works as a freelance columnist (Page 6) for major newspapers (Times, San Diego Union Tribune...) since 2007 and is the Co-host of "Love Bites with Rhonda & Jon" the Humorous Dating and Marriage YouTube TV Show and a Co-host on the radio pod-cast 5-Alive... with her four Co-hosts... extremely accomplished and entertaining women, discussing all types of relationships and news topics of the day.  

Rhonda Ricardo has also worked as a legal secretary in Civil and Family Law... her inspiration for researching the "Why's" that barge into previously passionate relationships and the "How to's" for riding romance-roller-coaster situations back to that passion.  

     "I love it when people tell me: "My boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is so much happier... and nicer to me after they read your book!"… because the true stories in Cherries Over Quicksand might be quirky… but inspiring joyfilled romance is exactly the 74 storytellers' intent!" 

Now that her three children are grown she has added "script writing" to her repertoire and has moved to the beach closer to Hollywood to join the vast world of inspiring talent for developing epic big-screen creations... and she continues to sing in the chior but now at a church closer to the surf.

"Change is like taking a huge wave; challenging, mysterious, exhilarating, refreshing and best when laughing at the sand in your bathing suit," -Rhonda Ricardo.  

She offers these Cherries Over Quicksand stories for the reader's enjoyment... And to answer those mysterious romance questions.  

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