Cherries Over Quicksand      by Rhonda Ricardo

Cherries Over Quicksand: Fun Stories From Men Who Returned to Their Resilient Women and More...CHERRIES OVER QUICKSAND:           



by Rhonda Ricardo

Rhonda Ricardo welcomes readers to comfortably slide into the captivating sagas of over 70 fine relationship heroes.  What are the never-simple stories behind finding the man or woman of their dreams. What kind of women do these men miss with a vengeance?  What did their women do/not do to regain their man's heart? What made her rethink ending the relationship?  What did he and she do to bring humor and fun back into their relationship? What other insightful topics did these open men and women share?  You will get these surprising answers and more as you relax, laugh, fortify, and easily raise your man's newly intrigued radar by choosing CHERRIES OVER QUICKSAND.

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Have you ever seen your man with a mysterious woman or your woman with a man she used to date, found a phone number on a bar napkin, in the clothes hamper, witnessed his transformation into a stuttering pre-pubescent schoolboy when a certain woman enters the room or heard innuendos about your man and his new secretary?  Women around the world know the sudden empty pit in their stomach and the horror of being sucked into the rushing depths of doom when they find out their man wants out.  Walking around in a daze and responding to questions like; "Is your son playing basketball this season?" with a zombie reply of; "Baby lotion makes my hands soft." is quite normal after being shocked by a situation that you thought could only happen to other women or in the have also had that feeling of being sucked under by a sudden titlewave when his woman's old flame has seemed to have returned or she has purchased a vacation for one.

Being blindsided by this type of sudden dread can be all consuming.  We need strength to handle these types of delicate situations, using the strong intelligence we had right up to the moment she found out that her man was seen sharing a cab with a beautiful palates instructor...or he's noticing his woman is getting home later and later.

Many of the stories that are passed along in this book are from men and women who worked through complex situations, real men...The story of Alex and June is one example of how a smart woman could  have very easily allowed herself to give into the feeling of being sucked into treacherous quicksand, lose complete control of her emotions and make herself look like a crazy person.  Thankfully June took a breath and remembered to keep her sweet disposition before she spoke to Alex.

The just-stun-gunned woman pulls through again with her relationship in tact,  I was impressed to hear what happens when smart women choose cherries (positive actions with a good attitude) over quicksand (focusing on her fearful feeling which is hard to shake when she thinks her man is going to leave or may have left forever) in so many different situations.

Since this book is full of stories that let you see-how-they-did-it, see if you recognize the worry, then the relief June's heart experiences when she uses her sweet cherry disposition to narrowly escape the quicksand pit.

When you share these stories with friends who are having quicksand moments, watch them relate to the stories and lose that,'I'm the only one going through this' attitude, relax, want to read more and maybe start smiling.  I hope you enjoy meeting the people who shared their stories and insight.  What kind of story will you be telling in your cherry-martini future?  Cheers!

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